Q: What if the insurance company implies that I have to take my
car to one of their repair facilities?

A: In the state of Pennsylvania it is ILLEGAL for the insurance
company to tell you where to take your vehicle to be repaired; it
is your choice as a consumer to take your vehicle where you feel
comfortable having it repaired.
Q: What does it mean when the insurance company tells me they
will only warranty the repairs if I take my vehicle to one of their
repair facilities?

A: Established body shops warranty their own repairs. In most
cases the body shop's warranty is equal to or better than the
insurance company's "stated" warranty
Q: After I have had an accident how do I handle the claims process?

A: There are multiple ways to handle the claims process after an
accident. You can contact or go to the body shop of your choice and let
them walk you through the claims process, call your insurance agent, or
call the toll free number on your insurance card.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: The insurance company and/or agent told me that I had to get
more than one estimate. Is that true?

A: NO! You are only required to get one estimate, so choose the
facility you would like to repair your vehicle and have them write
your estimate.
Q: What do I do for transportation after an accident?

A: Our recommendation is to contact the body shop at which you
would like to have your vehicle repaired and they should be able to
assist in getting alternate transportation while your vehicle is in the
Accidents happen, We can help!!
Q: Who do  I pay my Insurance deductible to?

A: Your insurance deductible is the portion of the repairs you will
be responsible for paying. You will remit that payment directly to
the body shop at the completion of the repairs.
Q: What forms of payment does Reliable Auto Body accept?

A: We accept Personal Checks, Cash, Discover, Visa &
Mastercard for payment of deductibles
Q: I received a check from my Insurance Company, what should
I do with it?

A: You have a few options on this one, you can either hold onto
the check until the repairs are complete, you can deposit the
check into your account, or you can have us hold onto the check
until your vehicle is complete. You can endorse the back of the
insurance check and sign it over to us when the vehicle is
complete if you don't deposit the check. (If there is a finance
company on the check, please notify the body shop representative
Q: What if my vehicle is deemed a "Total Loss"?

A: If your insurance company tells you your vehicle is a total loss that
means the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. The insurance
company will offer you a "settlement" amount (Retail value of the
vehicle plus sales tax) less any previous damage to the vehicle. It is your
responsibility to then clean out all of your personal belongings from the
vehicle and authorize the body shop to release the vehicle to the
insurance company. You will then have to remit the title to the insurance
company to receive payment, if there is a lien on the vehicle the
insurance company will first pay off the lien and get the title and then
pay you, the owner, any monies after the lien is paid.
(Please note each
case is unique, and we will be happy to answer any specific
questions you may have about this process.)
Q: Can I wash my vehicle after it has been painted?

A: Our recommendations for freshly painted vehicles is not to wash
them in any automated car washes, any hand washing is fine and
should not damage the paint (DO NOT use dish washing soap to wash
the vehicle). We also recommend that you do not wax any freshly
painted areas for 90 days (If you do it will not hurt the paint but the
wax will not stay on the freshly painted areas, due to the release of
Q: When I report the claim to my insurance company what
information should I ask them for?

A: The important information to ask for is as follows,
- Claim Number
- Deductible amount
- Rental Car coverage, if any
- Contact Information
Q: Can you match the paint on my vehicle?

A: Yes, we have a camera that takes a picture of your vehicle's paint and
our computer system matches between what the paint color was at the
factory and what it is today (after any sun damage etc.) and gives us a
formula to match the current color of the vehicle. (Please note in most
cases "blending" of adjacent panels is necessary to achieve proper color.)
Q: How long will the repairs take?

A: The amount of time to repair the vehicle is dependent upon how much
work needs to be done to the vehicle. When you bring the paperwork to
the body shop for review, please ask your advisor their estimate on repair
time. Sometimes repairs can get delayed when the shop runs into
additional damage to the vehicle.
Q: What if my insurance company writes Aftermarket or Used parts?

A: Dependent upon how your insurance policy is written, most
insurance companies are allowed to write used (LKQ) and
aftermarket parts (parts that are new, but not manufactured by the
vehicle's manufacturer) to repair your vehicle. Typically we handle all
LKQ or aftermarket parts the same way. We order them and, as long
as they are good and usable, we will accept them, if they are not we
will reject them and get the insurance company back out and have the
estimate re-written. You may want to speak with your insurance
agent, because some companies are selling OEM parts policies
(meaning only new OEM parts are used in repairs.)
Q: What is the difference between comprehensive & collision

A: Collision coverage on your insurance policy covers damage that is
done to your vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident with another
vehicle or object; also, hit-and-run accidents are covered under
collision. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle in an
"act of God" incident (vandalism, fire, deer hits, hail, etc.). Most people
carry a lower deductible on their comprehensive coverage than on their
collision coverage.
Q: Do you offer towing services?

A: Yes, we are closely affiliated with AHR Towing
(484-239-2550), Yocum Towing (610-398-8002) & #1
Service Center (610-432-7044), just call us and we will
make arrangement to have your vehicle towed in right
Q: Can I have other services done to my vehicle while it's in
the shop?

A: Yes, we will be more than happy to have other services done
while your vehicle is in our shop being repaired. Some services
offered include oil changes, inspections, tires, detailing, and
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