Involved in a Fender bender???
Don't have time to bring your
vehicle into the shop for an
Your at the right spot......Reliable
Auto Body can write you an estimate if you can
send us photos!!
(see instructions below)
NOTE: We cannot do an estimate from photos for any State Farm or Erie claims, because we
are a direct repair for these insurance companies.

1. Take a photo of your vehicle registration card (be sure the VIN#, license plate,
and vehicle owners information is readable)

2. Take vehicle photos (see examples below)
              a. Right front corner
              b. Rear of vehicle (including license plate)
              c. Left rear corner
              d. Left front corner
              e. Right front corner
              f. Damage photos (3-4)

3. Please include the following information in the body of your e-mail:
a. Phone number we can reach you
                 b. Email address (
where we will send the completed estimate)

4.  Use "Estimate" as the subject line

5. Email both the vehicle registration & vehicle photos to:
Allow 24-48 hours for the preliminary estimate to arrive via e-mail.

Please be informed that this will only be an estimate generated from photos; the
estimate may be incomplete until further inspection.
example of a photo of the
right rear corner
example of a rear photo
(showing the license plate)
example of a photo of
the left rear corner
example of the photo of
the left front corner
example of the photo of
the right front corner